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Preschool May Crowning May 7, 2019


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Printable Forms

3 year old packet-  3 Year old Packet of information and forms.pdf

4 year old packet- 4 Year old packet of information and forms.pdf 

Kindergarten Enrichment Packet-  Kindergarten Enrichment Packet 





Mary, Mother of God Preschool is a program that is aimed at providing a religious foundation for preschoolers in an enriching educational environment.  Children must be 3 or 4 years old by October 1, and they must be toilet trained to be eligible. 

         The school year begins in September and ends in mid June.  We will follow the Hillsborough Public School calendar in regards to days off and school closings due to weather. 

         The program is designed to promote intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social growth based on age appropriate activities.  The curriculum includes arts & crafts, creative expression, bible stories, music, prayer, perceptual and motor development, number and color concepts, and seasonal programs. 

         In addition, this program aims to be organized and structured; however, the children are given plenty of free play / choice time at various learning centers (ie. painting, dramatic play area, block / toy center, book corner, puzzles).  A snack is provided daily, though children with food allergies bring their own.  We ask that play clothes be worn so that the child is comfortable.  Sneakers are required for gym.  Opportunities for movement and physical activity are available each day, both in the classroom, gym, and outdoors (weather permitting). 

         Mary, Mother of God Preschool Program is concerned about teaching each child about God’s love and His word.  We give each child the knowledge of God and help in making each child feel special and loved in His world.  We use positive discipline and teach the children to behave appropriately by intervening when necessary, planning and showing love and encouragement.  This is done with respect to the child, the group, and the adult. 

         According to the State of New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services Licensing, the following conditions are met:

  • Teachers are experienced working with children, have CPR training, and approved by the State of NJ.
  • Yearly fire and health inspections are conducted.  Fire drills are held monthly, and general safety concepts are part of our curriculum.  The school is spacious and well maintained. 
  • The student / teacher ratio does not exceed 1:10 for 3 year olds or 1:12 for 4 year olds.  For each session there will always be a full-time approved teacher and a qualified teacher’s aide.
  • Parents provide transportation to and from school.  We have a very strong policy in regard to releasing children to only someone you have designated. 
  • Physical exam and immunizations are required before entering school. 
  • Parents of enrolled students may come at any time; others are asked to make an appointment.  Also, the teacher will be available to schedule conferences at your request anytime throughout the year.   

Please return all outstanding forms as soon as possible.


Preschool and Kindergarten Enrichment

The aim of the Preschool and Kindergarten Enrichment program is to help children develop a better understanding of God’s creation and His love for us while also developing skills required for entry into elementary grades.

Young children are taught about their world and about relationships with God and with people in the world, utilizing a curriculum that integrates Christian life into all subject areas. Learning activities are based on concrete objects and experiences that are developmentally appropriate. Instructors work with children individually, in small groups, and with the whole group. The balanced curriculum is organized into themes according to Holy Days, seasons and holidays. In addition religion, science, reading, writing, math, music, and creative arts are incorporated.

The Enrichment program is designed to reinforce and enhance the regular Kindergarten program. It is not intended to provide duplication or acceleration of the regular Kindergarten program.

Children learn best through play and social interaction.  The plan is to engage children in fun and interesting activities to meet individual spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs.

Delayed Opening/Emergency Closings 

Dear Parents,
   In case of inclement weather, please listen to your local radio station for school closings.  You may listen to WMGQ FM (98.3), WTC AM (1450), Hillsborough Emergency Radio 1610 AM, Hillsborough Public Schools or cable Channel 27 or 29.

   Please be reminded that according to Mary, Mother of God Preschool handbook, when Hillsborough School District has a DELAYED OPENING, OUR MORNING CLASS SESSION WILL RUN FROM 10:00 am to 11:30 am.  DELAYED OPENING WILL NOT AFFECT OUR AFTERNOON SESSIONS.  Ths is our delayed opening schedule, regardless of the length of delay that Hillsbroough Schools have.

   If Hillsborough Schools are closed, for weather or emergencies, Mary, Mother of God Preschool will be CLOSED.