Prayer Shawl Ministry

 Questions about donating yarn can be e-mailed to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Basket will be in Gathering Space month of January-February.  Monetary donations should be sent to the office with attention: Prayer Shawl.

I you wish you could join us on the dates (listed below) that we meet in St. Francis Hall from 1-5 pm

Meeting dates:

  • We invite anyone who is interested in participating in this Ministry to attend a meeting in St. Francis Hall. You may stay for the entire meeting for a part of the session. Shawls can be made during these meetings or at home. We meet every other Wednesday afternoon from 1:00-5:00 pm in St. Francis Hall. 

2020 Schedule


January 8, 22

February 5, 19



To make and donate Prayer Shawls to bring comfort and joy to expectant mothers (especially in the pregnancy aid centers), to comfort the lonely in our nursing homes, to those needing physical and emotional warmth with life–threatening illnesses, and to anyone who could benefit from the love and prayerful whishes with which each is made.

Prayer to Begin the Shawl    

"Loving God we give you thanks for the gift of our hands.  Use our hands, O God, to carry out your works of mercy and love.  May the shawls our hands create bring blessings to those they wrap in love and healing". Amen.

Prayerful Thoughts While Making the Shawl

Pray before crocheting/knitting and thereafter. Ask the Lord to bless my tools and my hands to make the product the Lord has led me to make. Pray for the recipients that they would know the prayerful wishes of the creator of the shawl and the love and concern with which it is made. The intentions are continued throughout the creation of the shawl. Upon completion, a final blessing is offered before the shawl is sent on its way.


                                                        Blessing the Completed Shawls

Miraculous Medals


 The participants ask that God's grace be extended to all recipients and be welcomed by them as a sign of caring and supportive parishioners. 

The Prayer

"May these shawls bring warmth, comfort, and well being to the users. May God share his blessings during the good times and sustain the recipients in difficult times. May the love of the Blessed Virgin Mary be with each one forever." Amen.


Packaging the Shawls

A Miraculous Medal is placed on each completed shawl. It is then wrapped and placed in a blue or white shopping bag with ribbon for delivery. 


Prayer Shawl History


The PRAYER SHAWL (tallit) has been a fixture throughout the centuries as the Jewish people pray to God. In the Old Testament we read about the Jewish men observing the law by wearing the shawl when praying to God, celebrating their high holy days, and when facing difficulties or trials. There are specific references in the Old Testament to Moses, David, and Daniel wearing their shawls. Jesus, being a devout Jew, also wore one throughout his public life. When Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray to his Father on the night he was betrayed, he placed his shawl over his head as he knelt in prayer. The shawl was also folded and left in the tomb after his Resurrection. The shawl was a symbol to all believers of an inclusive, unconditionally loving God who protected the supplicant as he recited his prescribed prayers.

The idea of the prayer shawl has evolved during the later 20th century into a prayerful ministry among Christians as they use their time and talents to prayerfully craft beautiful knitted and crocheted shawls. They are seen as bringing comfort, joy, warmth, and thoughtful caring to recipients. Both the shawl maker and the recipient mutually benefit from the blessings of a loving God. The shawls literally become a living prayer to the Father for all.